Hex Nut Wallet Chain / Keychain

$26.00 - $75.00
Hex Nut Wallet Chain / Keychain

Rock your day with some strong and functional style when wearing this hex nut wallet chain!

There is currently one of each ready to ship within three to five business days. Then it becomes made to order with a two week production time.

the hardware //
Made to be sturdy, this hex nut wallet chain is designed with the byzantine chainmaille weave.

All the rings and hex nuts are stainless steel, and measure 7/16th of an inch wide. The rings are made with 16swg wire.

For the wallet chain, on one end is a trigger snap clasp (nickel plated). It's paired on the other end with a standard split key ring (stainless steel) for attaching to your wallet or keys.

The keychain is paired with a split key ring (stainless steel) for attaching to your keys or a bag.

dimensions //
The byzantine wallet chain comes in at just under 16 inches for just the chain. While the clasps on the ends do a few more inches.

Length of just the chain portion of the keychain comes in at 2 3/4 inches. The split key ring adding an additional 1 1/8 inch.

Wanting either the wallet chain or keychin in a different length and/or with different hardware/clasps? Custom requests are welcome! Simply get in contact with what you have in mind for a custom wallet chain.