Dragon Diamond Keychain / Glow In The Dark

Dragon Diamond Keychain / Glow In The Dark

Get your glow on with this dragon diamond keychain! Perfect for adding to your keys, as a bag charm, or even adding to a zipper.

There are a couple of each color currently available, and thus ready to ship in three to five business days. Afterwards, these will be made to order with a one to two week processing time.

the hardware //
Designed with the dragonscale chainmaille weave, this glowing keychain is made with two different materials.

The bigger metal rings that make up the exterior of the diamond are stainless steel. They are paired on the inside with glow in the dark rings which are made with silicone rubber. With the combination of steel and silicone rings (which are stretchy), it makes this chainmaille keychain quite flexible while remaining durable.

The glow in the dark rings are currently available in three different colors, which are blue, green, and yellow. They glow in the dark and are blacklight reactive in the same color as their standard color.

dimensions //
Size of the diamond comes in at 3 inches tall (top to bottom), and is 1 3/4 inches wide. While the split key ring is 1 1/8 across.