Cosmic Slip Chain Necklace

$80.00 - $85.00
Cosmic Slip Chain Necklace

Step out of the ordinary with this cosmic slip chain necklace!

This necklace is made to order and has a current production time of one to two weeks.

the hardware //
The chain of this slip necklace is made entirely with stainless steel rings. It is woven together with the jpl3 (jens pind linkage) chainmaille weave. The three indicates the number of times a rings intersects with another ring.

On each side of the chain is a big steel ring in a rainbow chrome finish. These rings are solid rather than being clasps, and are intentionally two different sizes to provide a more captivating look.

dimensions //
There's two length options available for just the chain. The regular version is 25 inches, and the extended version comes in at 30 inches. These lengths do not include the length of the rainbow rings.

Width of the smaller rainbow ring is 1 1/8 inch, and the bigger ring is 1 3/8 inch wide.

how to wear //
Wondering how to put this one on? Simply hold one of the big rainbow rings flat (horizontally) and drop the chain from the top all the way through this ring. This will create a loop which you will then put over your head. Once on, pull the bottom ring until you reach your desired fit around the neck. Simply reverse the process to take off the necklace.