Chromander Bracelet

Chromander Bracelet

Up the charm while wearing this chromander bracelet!

There is currently one of these in stock and ready to ship within a few days. There will be an update here when production time changes (typically one to two weeks).

the hardware //
The core option of this chainmaille bracelet is made entirely with stainless steel. One of a kind designs of this bracelet design with different materials or colors may occasionally be added.

This bracelet is designed with the dragonscale chainmaille weave, which provides for a flexible but strong chain. Something interesting about this weave is it's made with two sizes of rings which intersect each other. They do so in such a way where the smaller rings are entirely encapsulated inside the bigger rings.

Comes together to close with a lobster claw clasp (also stainless steel).

dimensions //
The wearable length of this chain bracelet is adjustable between 7 and 8 inches. While the width is 5/8th on an inch wide.

It is possible to customize the length, just let me know your preferred size during checkout or via email.

If you're wondering about the name of this bracelet, it's the combination of chrome and salamander.