caring for your chainmaille

Should the need arise, my go to steps for cleaning chainmaille are as follows:
1 > put the item in a bowl with room temperature water and mild liquid dish soap
2 > stir around for a moment to agitate the soap, then let soak for a couple minutes
3 > if it's extra dirty, gently polish with a soft cloth after soaking
4 > rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a cotton cloth
5 > make sure items is completely dry before storing

- storage recommendations -
When not in use, storing your chainmaille in individual fabric bags inside a jewelry box is ideal. Silica gel packets are useful for enclosed spaces. Jewelry racks are also a great option for easy storage.

No matter which option you choose, it's best to store your items away from sharp objects.

- important note for aluminum chainmaille -
When it comes to cleaning aluminum, in particular anodized aluminum, it's best to avoid anything acidic so the color doesn't fade. Using mild liquid dish soap that's citrus free is recommended.

- tips for copper, brass, and sterling silver -
> to help minimize tarnish and skin discoloration, limit extreme exposure such as during working out, swimming, at the beach, in high humidity, or in the sun for long periods of time
> to help keep it shiny, wipe it down with a jewelers cloth (also called an anti-tarnish cloth)
> when not being worn, store in a non tarnish bag in a low humidity environment